Chapter 561

“To be exact, there’s isn’t a huge effect.” Strix turned around. “This was a mere side effect from the rejection. The sleeper virus has a relatively stubborn cell. When the vaccine is injected into the body, those cells that spread will start to become active and accelerate the metabolism. His body cannot bear it, but he won’t die. " Maisie paused and pressed her lips together. If she knew that the vaccine would cause such a huge reaction to rejection, she might not have taken the chance. Strix consoled her, “You don’t need to feel bad. I initially planned to let Adrian use that vaccine for research. Even if you didn’t inform Erwin to make him take precautions, he would still have two vaccines with him at that time.” No matter which type it was, they didn’t affect Nolan negatively, but it just didn’t let Sue and Roger get their way. After Strix left, Maisie stood there alone until someone said, “I wasn’t expecting you to be behind the vaccine issue.” Maisie didn’t turn around, b

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