Chapter 570

Nolan smiled and grabbed her hand. “I'm not coughing anymore.” Just when Maisie was about to say something, a figure appeared at the door. The newcomer was none other than Erwin. He was wearing a coffee-colored trench coat, making him look even more handsome and regal. “I hope I'm not interrupting you two,” he said. Maisie hurriedly rose to her feet and asked, “Uncle Erwin, how is Mr. Kestner?” As Erwin approached Maisie, he replied, “Adrian is fine. He looks a little bit worn out, but he’s doing fine.” Strix had been very firm in his attitude when he went to get Adrian back from Roger. On the other side, Roger had been worried that Strix would make a big deal out of it, so he had no other choice but to let Adrian go. “Robert was his milk cow while Daniel was his executioner, and Roger has become a lot weaker than he used to be after losing both of them,” Nolan said as he tugged at his blanket. “Although he still has Shawn and Gregory on his side, neither of them can pose a thr

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