Chapter 571

Maisie’s face was pale. She lowered her head and took the golden ring out of her pocket. “This is what my grandfather left for me. That man said that my grandfather was still alive!” She grabbed Nolan’s arm. “Nolan Goldmann, you lied to me, didn’t you? My grandfather may still be alive, he isn’t dead yet!” ‘I have only one relative left. Since he could set up a plot to confuse us, he should be fine.’ Nolan hugged her tightly again. “Zee, I know you feel bad about this, but it’s already very obvious why your grandfather gave you the ring of the de Armas.” Maisie was astounded, and she could not help but tightly clench her hands stuck between her body and his warm chest. ‘That’s right, why would Grandpa ask the man to pass me the ring that represents the status of the patriarch or matriarch of the de Armas? It is because he wants me to inherit his identity!’ Maisie did not know why she felt sad. Even though she did not have much contact with her grandfather three years ago, maybe i

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