Chapter 599

Louis scoffed. “So you’ve asked me out just to teach me a lesson on behalf of your best friend?” Maisie stopped beating around the bush and asked, “Louis, do you really want to marry Ryleigh?” Louis frowned slightly, but his slender and beautiful slanted eyes did not give off any emotion as they looked extremely calm. Maisie picked up her cup. “I know that both the Hills and Lucases are a great match for each other, and both families are related through previous marriages. That’s the reason the marriage between the two of you is what the elders of both families want to see. But you can’t sacrifice your own happiness because of marriage. Ryleigh is my best friend, and you’re my cousin. You guys are going to be a pain in my *ss whenever you have an argument in the future.“ The waiter brought Louis his coffee and put it in front of him. Louis held the cup and looked out the window. “We won’t have any arguments in the future.” Maisie was puzzled. He took a sip of the hot coffee and

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