Chapter 600

Maisie forced a smile. “It seems that I might have to rise from the dead.” She then grabbed her handbag and got up. Ryleigh stared at her. “Are you heading back already?” “Those people will come to my house and snatch the crown from the queen’s head if I choose not to go back now.” Maisie left without looking back. Ryleigh waved at her. “All hail the queen!” At Blackgold… Maisie and Saydie passed by the front desk. When the receptionists who were chatting at the front desk noticed two silhouettes passing by, they raised their heads one after another. The two figures had headed toward the elevator, and the long-haired woman looked quite familiar, but they could not remember where they had seen her before this. “Does that woman look familiar to you?” “That’s weird. Who gave them the courage to use the elevator that’s dedicated to Mr. Goldmann?” “Holy sh*t!” When the two receptionists noticed something, they immediately trotted toward her. Maisie was about to step into the ele

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