Chapter 601

Maizie and Mr. Hannigan were both taken aback for a moment when they saw the intruder. Maisie threw her handbag on the table, and the metal chain made a crisp clank as it slid across the coffee table. The sudden noise scared Maizie. Maisie sashayed around the desk, walked up to Nolan’s side, turned around, and sat down in his arms. Her eyes were bloodshot as she hit him. “Noles, you b*stard! You told me last night when we were in bed that you’d only marry me! You’re already going back on your own words by thinking about dating someone else!?” Nolan grabbed her hands and glanced at the woman in his arms. “There’s no such thing.” “You were just doing it!” Maisie smacked him on the chest, acting exceptionally aggrieved. “Is it because I am not curvy enough, or am I not beautiful enough? You ungrateful liar!” The office became dead silent all of a sudden. Mr. Hannigan and Maizie’s expressions looked slightly stiff, and even Quincy, who was standing outside the door, was astonished.

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