Chapter 605

Nolan stared at her. “Daisie is still so young. How can she handle such spicy food?” “Maybe she’s inherited it from me.” Maisie took a few sips of broth. “I could already eat spicy food when I was only five.” Nolan lowered his head to eat the ravioli in his bowl while she could not hide the amusement that was beaming in her eyes. “Is it delicious?” “Not that bad.” Nolan took a few more bites. ‘At least the taste isn’t half bad.’ After finishing all the ravioli, it was already 9:00 p.m. when they arrived at the Goldmann mansion. Alfred claimed that the two children had just taken their bath and were watching a movie in the room. Maisie opened the door while Daisie and Colton were watching anime while eating snacks in front of the big projector screen. “Mommy, you’re back!” Daisie shoved the snacks over into Colton’s arms, got up, and ran to her. Maisie lifted her hand and rubbed Daisie’s hair. It felt so soft to the touch as she had just washed and dried her hair. “Didn’t your

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