Chapter 606

Nolan crossed his fingers and put them to his lips as he solemnly said, “Help me get the best wedding photographer in Bassburgh.” Quincy was stunned. “Wedding photographer?” Nolan explained with a serious expression, “The walls at home need decoration.” Quincy was quiet. He could have just said that he wanted to get some wedding pictures taken. … Maisie asked Saydie to take a detour to the Vanderbilt manor on their way to Soul Jewelry. There wasn’t much change in the garden except the vegetation had dried off because no one had been taking care of the garden. The door was tightly shut. Saydie parked the car, and Maisie pushed open the car door. She looked at the locked door and could tell that no one lived there anymore. Her eyes were solemn. She stood in front of the door for a long, long time, not wanting to leave. The guard walked over to inform her, “I’m sorry, no one is allowed near this place.” Maisie turned to look at him. “Why not?” The guard sized her up and said,

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