Chapter 617

Maizie’s expression changed slightly. “Then tell Nole that I’m here to see him.” The receptionist kept her patient and professional smile on. “Ms. Hannigan, please don’t make it difficult for us. We can only follow the order Mr. Goldmann has given us unless you can call Mr. Goldmann in person.” Maizie’s expression dimmed, and she slowly took out her cell phone but did not dial any number. After all, she did not have Mr. Goldmann’s number. ‘He opted to meet me the last time I was here to ask him out for dinner, so why is he rejecting my meeting request this time around?’ At that moment, Nolan came out of the elevator, but the person walking next to him was not Quincy but a young woman with short hair. The woman was not wearing formal attire but was in casual and neutral clothes, and she looked as handsome as a real man. “Nole!” Seeing Nolan, Maizie ran straight toward him, and the three-inches high heels under her feet snapped deliberately as she pounced in Nolan’s direction. Unf

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