Chapter 618

“Mr. Goldmann, it seems that Ms. Hannigan has her eyes on you. You have to think of a way, or else Ms. Vanderbilt will surely get jealous again,” Quincy reminded him. Nolan narrowed his eyes. “Don’t they know that I have a wife?” Having said that, Nolan stared directly at Quincy. “Did we get married secretly and didn’t make our relationship public?” Quincy was stunned. ‘Mr. Goldmann has forgotten what happened three years ago. Mr. Goldmann Sr. suppressed the news that was unfavorable to Mr. Goldmann back then, and the Blackgold employees were forbidden to mention “Ms. Vanderbilt” in front of Mr. Goldmann. ‘Of course, the person who issued the ban back then was Mr. Goldmann himself. But does he still know about these details?’ Quincy was embarrassed as he tried to explain it to Nolan. “Mr. Goldmann, don’t overthink when it comes to this matter. What Ms. Vanderbilt cares about is your wellbeing. That’s why she chose not to disclose your relationship update to the public herself.”

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