Chapter 621

Predictably, Yorick took the money and started gambling away. He won more than $30,000 the night before and spent half the amount to pay for a bunch of friends' meals and drinks. Maisie squinted. If he used that money to start a business, she would find someone to help him out in secret. It was great when people changed after making mistakes. She could have given him a chance because this uncle of hers had never been bad to her father and her. But too bad, he just wouldn’t turn over a new leaf, so she couldn’t help him. She sent a message to her bodyguard. … After Madam Vanderbilt found out, she angrily went to the rental Yorick was staying in. “You told me that you didn’t have money, but you used the money on gambling and drinking!?” Yorick smoked a cigarette on the couch. He had a hangover and just woke up after half a day had passed. He couldn’t care less about his mother’s questioning. “My friend lent me some money to gamble. So what if I won and used it for drinks?” “You

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