Chapter 622

Madam Vanderbilt almost suffocated, “Why? We don’t even have a few hundred dollars?” Her face turned pale as Hector kept quiet, “Hecky, you… used the money?” Before he could answer, Madam Vanderbilt’s anger rose to her head, “How could you spend that money? What did you spend it on?” The money was what they had gotten from selling off the hot spring hotel. There should be quite a lot left. When they had come over from their home in Coralia, they just rented a cheap motel so that they could get Stephen’s inheritance. The money was in her account, and she would keep the card with her. However, she was worried that she would lose it, so she gave it to her grandson for safekeeping. She believed that her grandson would obey her and wouldn’t spend the money, but now that it was suddenly gone, how could she not be angry? Hector wasn’t happy. “You promised that the money was for my wedding. That money is mine. I can spend it however I want!” “Hecky!” Madam Vanderbilt said in a heavy ton

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