Chapter 624

’Don’t hate me!’ “Nolan!” A voice dragged him from this muddy subconscious back to reality. He slowly saw the person in front of him. It wasn’t the Zee that was filled with hatred, but the Zee who loved him and was worried about him. Maisie put her hands on his cold face and leaned on him. “Are you alright, Nolan? You’re scaring me.” Nolan pulled her into his arms. His fingers that held her shoulders tightened, feeling her warmth, the warmth that really existed, and the coldness in his heart slowly faded away. Quincy drove to the Goldmann mansion while Nolan lay on Maisie’s shoulder all the way. Maisie turned to look at the man leaning on her. Quincy had told her that he seemed to have been startled after the psychologist gave him some psychological suggestions. Something that his subconscious mind rejected, avoided, something about the incident… Was he rejecting the part about their child? Maisie had talked about it in Stoslo, but she didn’t notice anything from Nolan’s expr

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