Chapter 625

Nolan turned around and hugged her face to face. He fell asleep soon after that. The next day, at Soul Jewelry… Maisie received the information that the bodyguard provided and found that the Cindy that Hector had mentioned was Cindy Benette, a server in a club at Bassburgh. She handed the information to Saydie. “Look into this woman at the club.” Saydie nodded and left the office with documents in hand. Not long after that, Kennedy walked in. “Maisie, Madam Vanderbilt called the front desk.” Maisie paused and raised her eyebrows. “Is this about money?” Kennedy nodded. “She is admitted to the hospital but can’t pay the bills. She’s using her identity as your grandmother to get the front desk to pay for her.” Maisie was quiet. Madam Vanderbilt had chosen to put her pride aside now that she was old. She smiled. “If she calls again, let the front desk tell her that Soul isn’t responsible for paying for any of her bills, and we’re not obligated to take care of this lonely old wom

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