Chapter 626

In the afternoon, Cindy left the apartment in a fancy dress. She seemed to be talking to someone through the phone, and she sounded chirpy. A black car stopped in front of her, and two bodyguards in black suits got out of the car. “Are you Ms. Benette?” Cindy was stunned. She raised her guard and asked, “You are—” “Our madam wishes to see you.” The bodyguards opened the door, and the alarm in her head blared. Just when she turned around, Saydie suddenly appeared behind her, grabbed her hair, and dragged her into the car. Cindy was terrified. She raised her head and found out that the woman sitting beside her not only had an elegant and noble air about her, but she also had pretty looks. After Saydie and the others went back into the car, the bodyguard then drove the car away. Cindy was shaking, and her lips and teeth were trembling. “I… I don’t know you, and I’ve never offended you before. Where are you guys taking me to?” Maisie turned her head around to look at her. “Calm d

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