Chapter 633

However, most netizens believed that it was not a case of plagiarism. Even if the design looked the same, there were still other personal touches, so this case could not be defined as plagiarism. They even asked the group of people who claimed that this was plagiarism for the reason they thought that was the case. The top executives of Passion Jewelry probably realized that not only did their plan not suppress their competition’s chance to flourish, but it was encouraging its growth. Thus, they wanted to remove the article from Google Trends. But what they did not expect to see was that they could not remove it as someone had done something to the trending of the news article with a lot of money. And when they tried to double the price that the other party offered, the other party would double their current offering too. They were now spending a lot of money to reverse something they had done in the past. Maisie sat in front of the computer and looked at the company’s Twitter accoun

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