Chapter 634

“I can’t do it.” Nolan’s voice sounded hoarse. He then kissed her vigorously as things got steamier and steamier. Perhaps it was during the late autumn, the heavy rain from last night made the ambient temperature feel cold, and the yellow and wet withered leaves covered the ground, blending in with the puddles. Maisie and Nolan had just sent the two rugrats to their private elementary school, and when they were on their way to drop her off at Soul Jewelry, Maisie was so sleepy that she leaned on him and dozed off. Nolan turned his head, stared at her, and raised his hand to tidy the hair that was hanging on her forehead. “Are you still this sleepy?” “Yeah,” Maisie complained innocently, “And it’s all your fault.” He chuckled and leaned closer to her ear. “Isn’t it your fault?” Maisie lifted her head, rested her chin on his shoulder, and stared at him. “I didn’t allow you to go twice in one night.” Sure enough, Nolan, who was suffering from amnesia, was not only unrestrained but

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