Chapter 636

Quincy smiled but didn’t speak. Nathaniel had been admitted to the hospital because he was too angry. Nolan was probably the owner of Passion Jewelry now. He would probably be their worst nightmare ever. At the Boucher manor… The butler said something to Helios when he walked into the hall. He continued walking toward the study with a calm expression, knocked, and entered. “Dad, you’re looking for me?” Yael put down the newspaper and removed his glasses. “Did you get Nolan to take action against the Hannigans?” Helios’ expression was neutral. “Do you and Grandpa really want me to marry Nathaniel’s daughter?” “You’re over 30 now, and you don’t have much time left.” Yael picked up the coffee and took a few sips. “When you insisted on entering the entertainment industry, your grandfather and I just let you do it. You should consider marriage.” “I could consider it,” Helios walked to the desk and put his palms on it, “But not with Maizie.” Yael squinted. He wasn’t angry yet, but h

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