Chapter 637

Ryleigh pulled Maisie’s hand and walked over to the table. “She is Nolan Goldmann’s wife!” The two women were shocked. The server brought the food over while Ryleigh introduced Maisie to the two of them. The wild-looking woman with dreadlocks in a leopard-printed jacket was Jenny Weiner. Jenny’s name didn’t match her personality. Her father, Jack Foxx, was a bigshot in the Royal Law Firm. The other woman who was more voluptuous was Barbara Chase. The Chases, like the Bouchers, were in politics. Mr. Chase was a retired lower-level official who used to work with Helios’ father. No one other than Ryleigh knew Jenny and Barbara’s actual background in the group. Maisie smiled. “You have interesting lives.” Barbara took some food. “You’re the one with the interesting life. Jenny and I were both shocked.” Jenny looked at her. “Passion Jewelry has pretty much fallen into your hands. Honestly, I don’t like that man. If my father were involved, he would win the court case.” Maisie got

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