Chapter 638

Maisie leaned on Nolan with her arms around his neck. “I’m trying to cheer you up now.” Nolan sucked on the corner of her lip and unbuttoned his shirt with one hand. “Not sincere enough.” Maisie pulled his shirt down. “Petty man being jealous about me having dinner with my friends.” Nolan carried her, took a few steps, and put her down on the bed. “Are you ashamed of me?” Her sanity disappeared. “No…” “You don’t want to show me to the world?” Maisie paused, staring straight into his cold, amber eyes. She noticed at that moment that the Nolan pre-memory loss was back. Nolan took his hands back and stood up straight. “Do you really want to keep our relationship a secret?” It wasn’t that he didn’t mind—he actually cared a lot. The people didn’t seem to know about their marriage. He was the man behind her, a secret. Maisie’s heart shuddered, and she kept her eyes on her, “Nolan, you—” “Maisie, you said you would tell me after I got my memory back, but if I never do, are we going

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