Chapter 640

Kennedy didn’t reply, but Maisie already knew, and her face turned darker. “Alright, I’m going to put this on Passion.” She wasn’t a saint either. She would get back at them for involving someone close to her. Kenny was worried. “Zee, they’re not going just to let this go. The owner of Passion probably found out that their expose was related to Soul, so they’ll find a way to get their revenge.” She smiled. “I know what to do.” Maisie and Nolan left, but she couldn’t leave Kennedy alone in the hospital. “Nolan, can you get Quincy to send someone to stay with Uncle Kennedy?” Nolan knew that she was worried that those people would attack him at the hospital, so he called Quincy. Nolan leaned in on her when they stopped at a red light on the way back. “Just do whatever you want, Zee. Even if you make Passion go bankrupt, I won’t mind. I’ll pay for you.” Maisie laughed. “If Passion went bankrupt, wouldn’t their employees lose their jobs?” Nolan didn’t care. “They can get new jobs. P

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