Chapter 641

Passion Jewelry’s owner was indeed a despicable being. He found a lawyer and sued Soul Jewelry for defamation, making the feud between them public. The netizens enjoyed the fight between the two companies very much as they wondered who would win in the end. Some of them said that Soul Jewelry had gone over their head after all the attention they were getting, but the others also said that the owner of Passion Jewelry deserved it. Sitting in her office, Maisie was looking at the data on a tablet. One of the staff members knocked on the door and walked in. “Ms. Vanderbilt, Passion Jewelry said that they’re going to sue us for defamation.” Maisie replied without lifting her head, “Let them be.” At the same time, Saydie entered with a man in her hand. She kicked him onto the floor, stunning the staff member. “Who is this guy?” “The guy who injured Uncle Kennedy.” Maisie put down her tablet and looked at the young man who was pinned on the floor by Saydie. “The owner of Passion Jewelr

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