Chapter 642

Mr. Ludwig scrambled up from the floor and looked at them with his face pale. “Stop… Stop whatever you’re doing. I… I’ll—” “Do you want to call the cops, Mr. Ludwig?” Maisie interrupted him flatly, “Well, you can do that, but the only problem is that, are you able to?” “What do you mean?” Maisie rose to her feet and walked toward the frightened young man. She grabbed his collar's back and pulled him to the desk. She threw him in front of Mr. Ludwig, startling him. She then grabbed the young man’s head and forced him to look at Mr. Ludwig. “Do you know this guy?” Mr. Ludwig did not reply. Maisie looked at the young man and said, “Say it. How much did he pay you for Kennedy’s arm?” The young man replied fretfully, “$15,000…” “I’ll give you $150,000. Break one of his legs for me,” Maisie said with a devilish smile tugging at the corner of her lips. Mr. Ludwig’s face turned pale. “A-Are you crazy?” “Since you can hire someone to harm the people from Soul and even want to break h

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