Chapter 646

During the weekend… Ryleigh and Maisie were the first to arrive at Antique Street, the largest antique trading market in Bassburgh. In addition to ceramics and gems, there were also painting collections, not to mention the ancient jewelry. This area was an ancient street composed of two blocks of retro and elegant buildings. There were all kinds of exquisite antique and local specialty delicacies sold by stalls and shop lots located all over this street. Ryleigh and Maisie had already waited outside the auction building where the gem-hunting event would take place for quite some time when they saw Barbara walking towards them with two bodyguards. “I’m sorry, it must’ve been a long wait.” Barbara walked up to them and smiled apologetically. “I didn’t expect that there would be so many people here on the weekend that my car couldn’t get in. It took such a long time to find a parking space.” Maisie smiled. “It’s okay. Ryleigh and I just arrived.” Barbara nodded. “What a relief. I’ve

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