Chapter 647

‘Barbara doesn’t know me well. We only got in touch when Ryleigh introduced me to the group the other day. ‘If she were someone I’ve kept in touch with all this while, to the point that I’m very close and familiar with her, I’d appreciate what she’s done to help me. But Ryleigh didn’t ask Barbara to help me out in that incident, so I can’t say that I’m not somewhat suspicious.’ Ryleigh paused for a moment. “Are you referring to the owner of Passion Jewelry?” She then looked around and raised her hand to lower her voice. “Barbara helped you with that?” Maisie nodded. Ryleigh gave her a thumbs up with a smile. “She’s quite a loyal one then. She’s willing to help you even though you haven’t known each other for a long time.” Maisie smiled helplessly. “She helped me for no reason? What do you think?” “Ms. Vanderbilt,” Barbara called her from not far away. Maisie turned her head and saw that Barbara was waving at them. The two of them walked toward her. Barbara was troubled by the

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