Chapter 648

Maisie turned her head around. ‘Where is Ryleigh?’ Ryleigh rinsed her face with water in the restroom and looked astonished. ‘Although he was wearing a mask, that middle-aged man is Helios’ uncle if I’m not mistaken. And the woman standing next to Helios’ uncle is definitely not his aunt. Is Helios’ uncle cheating on his wife? ‘No, I have to go back and have another look.’ Ryleigh picked up her mask immediately and walked out of the bathroom. She had just put on her mask when she bumped into someone at the corridor's corner. She staggered backward, and the man supported her in time. She then heard a familiar voice coming from above her head before seeing the person. “Ryleigh Hill?” Ryleigh held onto her mask and raised her head instantly. Although the tall man in front of her was wearing a mask, his jawline looked extremely familiar, especially when it came to his voice. “How can you still recognize me?” She adjusted her dress. Louis’ deep scoff came from the top of her head.

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