Chapter 654

Samantha turned around and stopped in front of the pen, picked it up, and placed it on the desk. “I’ve already signed the papers. If you don’t sign, I’ll talk to Dad. I don’t want to bring this to court to avoid affecting our reputation. I’ll give you three days.” The cut on her palm hurt so much it became numb, and blood dripped onto the tiles like flowers. She left the Bouchers without looking back, leaving everything behind. At the hospital… The nurse helped Samantha sew up her wound and bandaged it. She told her not to get it wet for a few days and that they would be able to remove the suture in a week. Samantha picked up her bag and left the room but bumped into Ryleigh and Maisie there. Maisie immediately recognized her. She was the woman who had saved Kennedy the other day, but before she could speak, Ryleigh suddenly called out, “Aunt Samantha?” Samantha smiled and walked toward them. “It’s you.” Then she noticed Maisie and was going to say something, but Ryleigh was s

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