Chapter 655

Of course, when men reached a certain age and still wanted to keep looking fit, it would require a lot of self-discipline. The men who had a big belly usually got it from drinking too frequently, having stress during work, and didn’t work out. On top of that, they usually preferred oily food, so it would make sense when they grew fat. They spent some time with Kennedy before leaving. Ryleigh walked to the car and suddenly said, “Why do you think Uncle Kennedy never got married?” Maisie opened the door. “How would I know?” She sat in the car while Ryleigh got into the passenger seat, put on her seatbelt, and said, “If Aunt Samantha married someone like Uncle Kennedy, she would probably be very happy.” Maisie turned to look at her and chucked. “You should worry about yourself first.” Ryleigh snapped her mouth shut. Soon after the car started driving, a car suddenly bumped into them from behind. Their car shook, bringing Maisie back to the scary incident three years ago. She grabbe

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