Chapter 662

Unexpectedly, Quincy suddenly called her and asked her if Nolan had gone to the hospital to visit her. Maisie wondered for a split second and replied, “I haven’t seen him today, and I’ve been discharged from the hospital. What’s wrong?” Quincy hesitated for a moment. “Mr. Goldmann looked into what happened three years ago all of a sudden earlier today, and he’s been out since then. He hasn’t returned to the company.” Maisie stood by the window, frowning slightly. “Nolan investigated what happened three years ago?” “Yes, regarding the accident, I don’t know whether Mr. Goldmann has recalled something and that’s why he looked into the accident from three years ago. He’s been away from Blackgold for one whole afternoon already. So I thought he’s currently with you.” Maisie remained silent for a long time without uttering a single word. Maisie called Nolan several times, but no one answered. He did not return even at nightfall. Quincy also sent men to the places where Nolan usually

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