Chapter 663

After facing the wet and humid sea breeze, Nolan’s body did not feel as warm as it used to be, and even his complexion looked a little cold. Nolan wrapped his arms around her body, pressed her against his chest, and rested his chin on her shoulder. “Zee, do you love me?” Maisie was astonished, then held his cool, freezing cheeks with her palms and stared at him. “Why would you ask about this all of a sudden?” He held her hand and stared affectionately at her. “I want to hear it from you.” Maisie chuckled as her eyes narrowed into two curved lines. She then moved closer to his lips and pecked them gently. “Are you satisfied with my answer?” Nolan pinched her chin with his fingers, and the strong aura wrapped her whole body up abruptly, especially around her lips. He kissed her deeply, which captivated her. Minutes had passed by when he finally let her go. The emotions in her eyes rippled underneath the layer of fog that blurred out her gaze, making it look even more mysterious and

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