Chapter 667

Unexpectedly, someone appeared at the door. When Helios saw Nolan there, he didn’t look surprised. “What a coincidence.” Nolan crossed his arms and looked at him. “I’ve resolved the issue with the Hannigans, but you’re still hanging around my wife.” ‘The issue with the Hannigans?’ Maisie looked at them. ’Did Nolan put pressure on the Hannigans because of Helios?’ Helios stopped in front of Nolan. He was probably the only person who was comparable in looks, status, and disposition to Nolan in Bassburgh. He chuckled. “I’m here to see Ms. Vanderbilt about my own issues. Your jealousy is your issue. They’re not related.” Nolan took a deep breath, his expression rigid. “Mr. Boucher, you are such—” “Nolan,” Maisie pushed Nolan behind her, looking serious and helpless, “Be good.” Nolan was quiet. Maisie turned around and looked at Helios. “Mr. Boucher, how can I help you?” Helios looked at Nolan, then asked Maisie, “Were you there the day of the gem-hunting event?” Maisie didn’t de

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