Chapter 668

Or maybe, Eugene still had some love for his wife. Only they knew what was true. And since Samantha had asked for a divorce because of that scandal, Eugene couldn’t care more about the other woman anymore because he wasn’t going to marry her, to begin with. Finding out was only a matter of time. If they found out that it was Barbara—and Katrina had a video that could be used to blackmail her—Barbara would be at risk. Helios frowned. “Do you know who ratted him out?” “I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you.” Maisie looked down. Even if this were a tricky situation, she didn’t plan to sell Barbara out. “I don’t like owing people, and I’ve already agreed to help her.” Helios was quiet for a while, then he smiled. “I know who it is now.” Maisie paused, but before she could ask, he put on his sunglasses, looked at Nolan, and smiled knowingly to Maisie. “Don’t worry, if the 17-year-old Nolan can't protect you, you can come to me.” Nolan’s face dropped, but Helios saw it and was even happie

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