Chapter 674

Eugene pushed Katrina away. She was stunned and looked at him in shock. “Eugene…” Eugene pulled out a box of cigarettes and held one stick between his lips. He lit it up with a lighter and said, “Even if I want to marry you, the Bouchers won’t allow me to do so. You should be aware of that, Katty.” The smile on Katrina’s face froze. It slowly disappeared as she said, “So, you were lying to me?” Eugene lost the patience he used to have with her. “Manor, car, money, I can give you everything you want, so why are you still not satisfied yet?” Katrina’s shoulder shook. She had started a relationship with the 48-year-old Eugene at the age of 25, and she had been his "invisible" lover for five years for only one reason. She wanted to become his wife to exact her revenge plan on the Chases. But now, her plan was foiled. She became agitated as she shouted, “Are you messing with me, Eugene?” Eugene gave a slap on her cheek. She couldn’t evade in time and fell onto the floor. “You're

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