Chapter 675

Samantha was stunned. She looked at him in disbelief as he grabbed her by her neck. Even though he did not exert much force, she still felt suffocated. He asked, “Did you expose the things between Katrina and me just to force me to sign the divorce papers?” Samantha laughed. “Do you think I’m the one who did it?” Eugene did not say anything in return. At the same time, a woman came in with two bodyguards. She was none other than Barbara. Katrina was stunned when she saw Barbara. “Yelena?” Yelena was Barbara’s name before changing it. No one was more familiar with Barbara’s face than Katrina. “You’ve returned?” It went without saying that Eugene knew Yelena was a member of the Chases. It was just that he did not expect her to show up here. Barbara was not afraid at all when she saw Eugene. She ignored Katrina and said to Eugene, “I heard that you're looking for the person who exposed your scandal, Mr. Boucher?” After hearing what she said, Eugene looked at her suspiciously and

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