Chapter 682

Maisie took a closer look, only to realize that the man’s figure looked somewhat familiar. It was not until they came upstairs that Maisie managed to recognize him. She did not recognize him at first sight, probably because he was wearing a suit. ‘That man is Francisco. ‘After not seeing him for three years, he has indeed become calmer and more confident, his temperament has become much tougher, and he’s now exuding a more mature aura.’ Francisco then saw her, and his expression looked slightly surprised. “Little… Little goddess?” Maizie was stunned and looked in the direction of his gaze. ‘It’s Maisie Vanderbilt?’ “Francisco, it’s been a long time.” Maisie introduced him to Madam Nera in a poised manner, “Grandma, this is the second young heir of the Bouchers.” Madam Nera smiled and nodded at him. Francisco only seemed to have a calm and mature temperament when he was not speaking, and he seemed to have gone back to being like who he was three years ago as soon as he started

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