Chapter 683

Taylor Jewelry was not only a bigshot in the jewelry industry but also a huge company in the business circle and the entertainment industry. Moreover, celebrities in the entertainment industry from all over the world had always tried their best to please Madam Nera in order to compete for her company’s jewelry endorsement contracts. She had not even given a hoot about Nolan or even the Lucases back then, so why would she be afraid of the Hannigans? It was said that it was not because of how powerful Madam Nera’s background was but because she had never been afraid of authority. She had always been frank, daring, and ruthless when she was young, and the people who knew her had to respect her for that. Seeing that Maizie was rendered speechless, Madam Nera looked at her expressionlessly. “Your father, Nathaniel Hannigan, doesn’t even dare to talk back at me like what you just did. Not to mention that you’re still just a junior in the circle. You really shouldn’t take others so lightl

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