Chapter 687

Nolan stood out from the crowd, looking dashing with his handsome face. Colton looked exactly like him, attracting everyone’s attention. Lisa got close to Daisie's ear. “Daisie, your brother really is as handsome as your father.” Daisie happily giggled. “Of course, I wasn’t making this up.” Most of her classmates hadn’t seen their parents. Now that they both showed up at the parent-teacher meeting, Daisie was going to show them off to the annoying people! Daisie ran toward Nolan. “Daddy!” Nolan picked her up, “I didn’t break my promise, did I?” Daisie shook her head and hugged his neck. “I’m so happy that you came with Mommy!” Colton glared at her. “You’re too big to be carried by Daddy.” Daisie made a face. Nolan’s status made him look too flashy. Some parents could recognize him and politely greeted them. Maisie crossed her arms and stood under a tree, knowing that Nolan was probably still angry about the photos and was ignoring her, but she wasn’t worried either. She t

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