Chapter 688

Maisie looked at the little girl and guessed that her mind had gone far away, so she pinched her cheek. “Why did you come over?” Daisie’s face was pinched out of shape. She was at a loss for words for a long time until she said, “I… I was looking for you. The meeting is starting.” Joe said to her, “You should go over if it’s starting. I’ll need to go too.” Maisie nodded. Once Joe walked away, Daisie beamed. “Mommy, was Mr. Watson your first love?” Maisie almost choked on her saliva. She bent down and looked into Daisie’s eyes. “Do you know what first love is at your age?” Daisie didn’t dare tell her mother that she had learned it after watching the drama series that her brother was on. “Well, was he?” Maisie felt exhausted. “Of course not.” Daisie beamed, then raised her tone. “Did you have a first love then?” Maisie squinted, catching a glimpse of the tail of a suit in the corridor, and smiled. “I did.” Nolan, who was standing around in the corridor, took a deep breath and

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