Chapter 697

“However, I want to know why you would choose to collaborate with Soul Jewelry, a brand that’s still a novice in this field? You obviously have a lot of better choices.“ Xyla looked at Maisie. “Because I like Soul Jewelry’s design inspiration. I can see the “soul” that your jewelry designs possess as I’ve seen the masterpieces that you put out while you were working for Luxella before this. They look and feel different from those “soulless” pieces that only had magnificent-looking shells.” Maisie lowered her gaze and chuckled. “It’s my honor to be able to meet you. You definitely know how to appreciate my designs, Ms. Mayweather.” Xyla smiled. “Of course, but there’s another reason.” Maisie narrowed her eyes as Xyla said meaningfully, “I heard that Louis made an exception to shoot a promotional advertisement for Soul Jewelry three years ago. A brand that Louis endorses won’t be bad, right?” Maisie and Xyla exchanged gazes. ‘She just disclosed that the other reason she’s chosen to

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