Chapter 698

Barbara and Ryleigh were shopping for luxury goods, and Ryleigh was absent-minded throughout the whole process. Barbara had to call her out a few times before she responded. “What’s on your mind?” Ryleigh curled her lips and rubbed her stomach all of a sudden. “I’m hungry. Shall we go for dinner now?” Barbara laughed. “Didn’t we just eat at noon?” She was flustered for a moment. “Is that so?” Barbara’s cell phone rang when she was about to say something. She then picked up the call when she saw that it was from Maisie. “Ryleigh and I are in the mall now. She? Her phone ran out of battery and died. What?” Barbara ended the call with a troubled expression on her face after the exchange of a few more sentences. Thus, Ryleigh asked, “What happened? Why did Zee call you?” Barbara lifted her eyelids, looked at her, and placed her hand on Ryleigh’s shoulder. “You’re in trouble.” Ryleigh looked puzzled. Barbara and Ryleigh rushed to Soul Jewelry. Ryleigh had already learned about t

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