Chapter 700

”Xyla knows about my identity and wants to rule out the possibility I’ll stop her from making a move on Ryleigh, so she could only swallow her pride and offer to endorse Soul to ensure I’ll choose not to intervene in her future plots.” Kennedy chuckled. “She thought you would value your company’s benefits more than anything else.” “What’s more, Soul is currently in development and needs to obtain more resources before it can arrive at a spot where Xyla’s international influence will be of use to the company.” They came to a pavilion and saw a small convenience shop nearby, so Maisie asked, “Uncle Kennedy, would you like something to drink?” “Anything will do.” Maisie went to the shop and bought two cans of lemon tea. But a boy came out of nowhere on a bicycle, and he did not seem to have noticed Maisie, who suddenly walked out of the sidewalk. A silhouette dashed up to her and pulled her out of the way in an instant. At the same time, the boy fell to the ground because of the sud

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