Chapter 701

Francisco asked, “Who said that? Do you think we’re still at training camp?” He really hadn’t been afraid of anyone at the training camp. Maisie smiled but didn’t say more. Samantha left once she got the medication. Francisco was worried that his father would harass his mother, so he left with her. When he left, he mentioned that she owed him a meal so that she didn’t forget. Maisie wouldn’t, but he didn’t seem satisfied, so he walked to the car and said shamelessly, “After what happened today, two meals.” Maisie was rendered speechless. After their car drove off, Maisie could hear the sound of a car honk from not too far away. She turned around and saw an eye-catching, but familiar Maybach parked there. Maisie took a deep breath. ‘Nolan!’ She walked to the car, and the window slowly rolled down, revealing Nolan in the driver seat. His coat was off, and he wore a navy blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The car was filled with a light perfume for men by

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