Chapter 708

Louis buttoned the button on his shirt and rose to his feet. “This meal is on me. Also, it's long over between us. No matter what the reason is for you to sign the endorsement with Soul Jewelry, I just want to tell you that nothing can affect me.” After that, without waiting for the food to be served, he went to the counter to settle the bill and left the restaurant without looking back. Xyla was left sitting alone in the seat, and her hand gripping the glass was shaking slightly. ‘Nothing can affect you? Hah, are you sure about that?’ The next day… Today was the shooting day for the commercial of the jewelry for couples. Since the commercial theme was "wedding," the shooting team was going to shoot the commercial at the church and the beach. The photoshoot was done with Nathan Hayes, another male artist, since this jewelry line was dedicated to couples. The shooting crew was cross-checking the script with Nathan in the booth. The producer had brought Nathan into the crew. He wa

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