Chapter 709

“I guess it’s because Mrs. Goldmann is here. After all, she’s signed an endorsement contract with Mrs. Goldmann, and since her boss is here, of course, she has to act like she’s being very cooperative.” Maisie drank the water silently. It seemed to her that it was right for her to come here. If she hadn't come here herself, she wouldn't be able to know everything that Xyla had been doing behind her back. She was a famous supermodel who had signed an endorsement contract with Soul Jewelry. The magazine company that worked on the commercial had a cooperation with Soul, and the magazine company had borrowed the shooting crew from elsewhere. The fact that Soul was willing to spend money on her and the magazine company was willing to provide the cover showed Xyla's popularity and influence. Even if Xyla didn't cooperate with the shooting process, the shooting crew wouldn't dare to say anything about her. However, it was very likely that they would not accept any more Soul commercials in

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