Chapter 710

Xyla was stunned. Jason then said begrudgingly, “What do you mean by that? Are you saying that Ms. Mayweather should be the one who got scalded?” “That’s enough, Jason.” Xyla went forward and stopped him. She did not want to make a big deal out of it. She paced toward Maisie and said, “I’m sorry, Ms. Vanderbilt. It was my mistake. My assistant is just worried about me, so please don’t take everything he said to your heart.” “But it was him who said I dislike you and rejected you three times. Anyway, I’m sure you know better than anyone why I rejected you, Ms. Mayweather.” Xyla did not expect that Maisie would admit she had rejected her three times. After all, it would give people some room for imagination after what Jason had said. However, since Maisie had admitted it herself, it would become her problem instead. Maisie and Xyla were unwilling to back down. In the end, Xyla said, “I'll educate my assistant and won't let him talk nonsense in the future.” After the “farce” ended

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