Chapter 711

However, Xyla calmed down almost instantly upon thinking she still possessed a piece of Ryleigh’s dark history. ‘If Maisie really cares about her friends, then I won’t end up as the sole person who suffers a defeat in this incident.’ … Maisie sat in the office, scrolling through the trending posts on Twitter and Google, and the corners of her lips were slightly lifted. ‘It seems that the money that I’ve spent didn’t go to waste. The article has already dominated the list of trending posts.’ After a while, she saw the Instagram story published by Xyla, which clarified that the headlines were non-existent and that netizens should not believe in them. ‘This Instagram story is enough to prove that Xyla is still not prepared to offend me completely.’ A female employee hurried in. “Ms. Vanderbilt, Soul Jewelry has made its way onto Google Trends again!” Maisie raised her gaze. “I’m well aware of that. Tell our employees just to ignore those articles. I’ll deal with it myself.” Her c

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