Chapter 712

The fluorescent light shone on him from above his head, and he looked warm and sexy as if a layer of filter had been applied. Maisie stepped into the kitchen and hugged him from behind. “Have you taken a shower yet?” The scent on his body smelled refreshing and pleasant—it was a fragrance that one would have after taking a bath, and it smelled very soothing. He tilted his head and glanced at her. “The kitchen smells just like an oven now. Go out and wait for me. Dinner will be ready soon.” She chuckled as her fingers fiddled with all parts of his body. “I really didn’t expect my husband to be capable of becoming a househusband.” Nolan turned down the gas, turned around, hauled her into his arms, lifted her, and placed her on a clean counter. “You bad girl, I’m making you dinner, and here you are seducing me.” Maisie leaned back slightly while wrapping her arms around his neck as he leaned closer. “I’ve brought you some pre-dinner snacks.” Nolan raised his eyebrows and pecked her

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