Chapter 714

Xyla looked at the photo silently. Maizie leaned slightly forward. “Do you believe in what I just said now? Take a look at this, the scandal surrounding Soul has been trending on Google Trends and Twitter for two days now, and it hasn’t been taken down. However, given Mr. Goldmann’s influence, it shouldn’t be difficult for Soul to get its name off the list, right?” At this moment, on the other side of the city… Maisie completely ignored the article that was still trending on the Internet but was still investigating the incident that Ryleigh had taken all the blame. Barbara asked them out to eat at the restaurant, saying that she had found some clues. While waiting for her, Ryleigh scrolled through her cell phone, surfing through Twitter. She then raised her gaze and stared at Maisie, who was eating elegantly. “Zee, you really are a bold one. Aren’t you afraid of being painted as the target of the Internet by putting up such a self-deprecating article regarding your company?” Mai

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