Chapter 715

After saying that, the guard took a better look at Ryleigh. Probably because she was petite, and her bare and beautiful face made her look pure and younger, she looked as if she was a Saydie or an 18-year-old girl, no matter how the guard looked at her. Thus, the guard asked Louis, “Is this… your niece?” Ryleigh burst into laughter and bent down on the spot while giving the guard a thumbs-up before Louis could even react to the question. “Sir, you have impeccable eyesight!” Louis’s expression dimmed. He then grabbed her arm and brought her in. He was taking huge steps, and Ryleigh was being dragged along the way by him, struggling to keep up. “Can you slow down?” Louis slowed down. “Shouldn’t you blame your short legs for this?” Ryleigh wrestled her wrist out of his hand upon hearing this. “Yes, I do have short legs. Hasn’t that ex-girlfriend of yours who’s famous for her long legs returned to Zlokova?” Louis looked at her and did not answer her directly but asked instead, “Why

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