Chapter 718

The incident between Ryleigh and Naomi was brought up during this crucial time. Maisie immediately called Ryleigh, but her phone was switched off. Nolan hugged her from behind. “What’s wrong?” Maisie turned to look at him, “Naomi and Ryleigh’s incident was brought up again. This affects Ryleigh a lot. I’m worried that…” Nolan frowned. He immediately picked up his phone and called Quincy to ask him to look into this. He turned her around to face him, gently touched her face, and said, “Don’t worry, let me handle this.” Maisie didn’t suspect Xyla about this. She wouldn’t want to offend her and had no reason to do this. The Hills were angry once the incident from the past resurfaced and immediately took down the trending topic, but someone bought the account and kept posting about it. Some netizens started joining the conversation, but most of them felt that what the Hills were doing was trying to cover it up. Quincy looked into it for two days before he found anything, so he b

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